Here are a list of 'frequently asked' questions and corresponding answers - if you have any additional questions, please contact us. Please note that this section primarily relates only to the OFFICIAL EMERALD EVENTS - if you have any questions regarding OTHER events that we advertise on this site periodically, please contact the respective organisers of those events.


We accept no responsibility for those events, but bring to your attention via promotion on this site and e-newsletters, as we consider them to be of potential interest to you, family and friends (especially those community/charity events).

What is the FORMAT of the events and how are they PROMOTED?
The events are designed to enable individuals and groups of friends to network and enhance your Muslim contacts for social/community/charity/business purposes (your own benefit whatever that may be). In the absence of a rigid structure to the event, the informal setting (a halal buffet) encourages people to meet and greet whomever they wish, and engage in conversation for how ever long they wish, emerald do not impose any restrictions - simply meet the underlying objective of enhancing your Muslim social network BUT in a respectful manner.


Events are promoted on a 'word of mouth' basis, which has led to people from all over the United Kingdom - in addition to isolated instances of overseas people passing through UK attending our events. Word of mouth and facebook has been the secret of our success - so please continue to spread the word!
What TYPE of person attends the events?

Due to the "word of mouth" promotion, from day one, it has resulted in being able to attract a fantastic calibre of people to-date. People of a diverse background, a wide range of professions represented at our events, with the majority of the attendees aged 22-40 years of age. Amongst the common bond of the attendees is the desire to be in a social setting which is respectful - if you share this view, you're welcome to join the over a thousand of you who have come through the doors! Open to all - our motto is 1 Faith, 0 Boundaries, United Colours of Islam. No bias towards any nation, region or caste.


What is the DRESS CODE?
Our philosophy is "be yourself" - but be modest, as it is an event for Muslims. Typically the dress can range from casual, traditional through to smart - events will normally specify the code.


How can I BOOK a ticket?
With high demand for our events, we encourage bookings in advance to guarantee a place, as regrettably due to the capacity of the venue we cannot take excessive bookings for places. Therefore, we would consider the events to remain exclusive on a first-come, first-served basis - to remain fair to all.


How can I PAY for a ticket?
You can purchase tickets online - - via PayPal - secure online payment
You are encouraged to book early as places cannot be guaranteed on the evening (as some events are STRICTLY advanced tickets only), which may result in being refused entry causing disappointment.


What's your REFUND policy?
Please note that ONLY in the event of an event cancellation, refunds will be awarded - otherwise, if you contact the team giving TWO work days' notice, then a refund will be awarded. This will be on the grounds that we will then be able to sell your place at this short notice, since a confirmation of numbers to the venue will have been made before two days' notice. Regrettably no refunds will be awarded in any other instance - please note when purchasing your ticket.

Are there any events OUTSIDE London?
Since the inception, we have hosted events in London and a growing number of events in Manchester, Birmingham and Leicester. We are open to suggestions to PROMOTE events in other cities and countries, however it will require additional resources in those cities - so please do contact us to volunteer your services.

In short, we simply require people to find a suitable venue that serves halal cuisine, is non-smoking and offers unlimited soft drinks - ALL to be priced competitively - to maintain the value for money promise as portrayed by the London, Leicester, Birmingham and Manchester events to-date.


How do I JOIN the team of Volunteers?
At present we have a fantastic team of dedicated, hard working and loyal team of helpers, as aforementioned, from a wide range of backgrounds (including Accountancy, Banking, PR, Marketing, IT, public sector, and so on) that are called upon to assist at running events. The team were selected on their abilities to work as a team, in addition to possessing attributes such as being warm, friendly and enthusiastic - all regarded as essential to make attendees feel welcome at events, not to mention integrity and honesty which we value highly.

Periodically, the Management may approach individuals that are 'regulars' to the events to join this team, if approached, we hope very much that you can spare the time to help others at future events (the Management will brief the members of the team prior to events, as regards to the tasks involved) - although there will be no payment, since we all work on a voluntary basis.