About Us


Since its inception, Emerald have hosted (directly or been involved assisting indirectly), in excess of 80 events across the UK - predominantly in London, with others in Manchester, Birmingham and Leicester. Based on demand, we are happy to host events in a town or city near you, simply contact us and inform us of the likely demand.



For a background to emerald network - please see the animation above, produced by Aisha Ahmad of spacebelly.com, with the soundtrack by Imran Ahmad.


All of our events are primarily centred around an informal dinner setting (hence usually use restaurants as venues). The purpose of the events are to enable individuals to network with Muslims in a respectable environment (strictly non-smoking, no alcohol served) and use for their own benefit - summarised as A-B-C - arts, business and charity - amongst the underlying benefit of making friends and contacts!


Attractions at the events; past, present and insh'Allah in future, include. art and photography exhibitions, performing artists (comedy, nasheed artists), quiz nights, charity auctions and moreā€¦


The events also act as an excellent forum for voluntary, community or charity/not-for-profit organisations to promote themselves and/or raise funds.


Emerald has hosted events which has resulted in monies being raised for victims of natural disasters and other worthy causes, incl. Bangladesh Cyclone, Floods, Burma Cyclone, China Earthquake, Ethiopia, Pakistan Earthquake and Swat region conflict, Palestine, Sudan amongst others.


Other benefits include raising the profile and communicating to a wider audience, the excellent work of voluntary and community based organisations. A case study example is that of the various Saturday Schools in London - incl. South London Supplementary School, which benefited from Emerald by using the platform to recruit volunteer teachers from the wide professional representation in attendance at the event (eg. Accountants, HR, PR, Doctors, IT, Journalists, Lawyers, etc), and raising the awareness of their school to potential students too in the South London and surrounding catchment areas.

If you have any community-related or charity venture that you would like us to promote or work together, please contact us.

The underlying emphasis is one of being incredibly friendly, promoted primarily via word of mouth - and more recently the 8,000+ strong mailing list and combined facebook group "emerald network".


In the media


EmeraldNetwork has been featured in a variety of media since our inception to varying degrees and capacities, incl. full features, interviews, event listings, reviews ... they include the following (not exhaustive list):


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BBC Radio Manchester

BBC Asian Network

British Satellite News

Channel 4

Emel magazine

Eesha magazine


TIME magazine